Authentic, Enriching, Real

Find yourself within the roots of a unique nation


Start your trip with style. Let’s take one of those -a half century old- convertible cars and discover the charms of a unique city in the world.

Move around freely, get to feel vast part of Havana in few hours , and choose the places you would love to come back to.

Take the best pics, build your dreamed memories and witness the best views of our wonder city from places like, la Plaza de la Revolución, the fortresses on the bay, the National Hotel, Casablanca, Fusterlandia and many others.


The say the best way to discover a city is by walking it, and Havana’s old town is definitely worth the walk. With a fresh and honest approach to the old town, we invite you to spend three hours of your journey interacting with the unique story of a five hundred years old city.

With mysticism and a tale to tell in every corner, be ready to learn details and facts you won’t find in any tourist guide book. A true trip with true interesting content and dynamic immersion in the city’s daily life.

Follow the streets to the four plazas, get to Central park and visit iconic buildings and places like the Capitol, San Francis Church, Obispo street, Hotel Ambos Mundos, and many others. Have the experience of a face to face date with our beloved San Cristobal de la Habana.



Get an authentic and eye opening tour to Viñales by really connecting with the locals while you discover the unique natural beauty and the rich tobacco handmade process.

Just a two and a half hours drive from Havana will take you to a beautiful valley where you can discover, along with tobacco farms,  amazing horse rides, honey from the earth and coffee plantations, a real authentic lunch in a real farmer’s house and many more interesting places like Cueva del Indio, El despalillo, or Mural de la Prehistoria.

Get to see places regular tourists cant visit and discover a closer approach to people and culture in a real paradise for photographers.

Photography Tour

Let’s walk a little bit away from the touristy areas of the old town and get to see some of the real Havana through the lens of a Camera.

Meet our photographer Jorge, get a basic or expert course, and take some really good pics following a traditional street photography concept while you walk around the city’s rarely-known backstage.

Jewish Neighborhood

Not just for our Jewish visitors, but for everybody interested in knowing about the Jewish neighborhood in Havana, the opportunity is right here.

Meet Carolina, a very charismatic and knowledgeable girl who has green light to follow and show every Jewish print in the city.

Spend a few hours learning about the customs and daily activities of the Jewish community in Cuba.


Salsa Lessons

We like to say Cuban dancing is like medicine. It casts away stress, worries and troubles. So, if you are coming to Cuba, and having a good time is rule number one, take a couple of hours with our dancers and have some real fun by following the steps of this well-known art.


An evening filled with history, great food and great views!!!

Starting in the second half of the XVIII century,the Spaniards would shoot a cannon from fortress San Carlos across the bay, announcing a curfew and closing the city gates. Havana was surrounded by a wall that served as genuine defense against any attempt to take the city.

More than three hundred years later, the wall might not be there anymore, but San Carlos, the most expensive fortress ever built in the new world, opens its gates every night for you to witness the Spaniard soldiers still fulfilling their duty.

The cannon shudders the city again, not about a curfew anymore, but a unique opportunity for you to enjoy the best views of the city from an ancient Spanish fortress and taste outstanding traditional Cuban food at the restaurant across the bay.

Evening entertainment

From the iconic Buena Vista Social Club to the “Casa de la Musica in Miramar”, Tropicana, and many other important venues in the city, our house is always ready to bring good suggestions if Salsa and a good show is what you are looking for!!!

Restaurants, Events or Theaters

Always ready to answer your questions and offer new suggestions, if there is a restaurant you want to go, or a special place or theater you want to visit and feel tickets or reservations are hard to get, don’t hesitate in contact us. We’ll make it happen!!!